Richard Lavinthal at the lectern for a major criminal case news conference.

Public Relations & Media Relations
by Richard Lavinthal


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1968, a young reporter for United Press International in New Jersey's statehouse (part of a three-person bureau covering Gov. Richard J. Hughes, the State Senate and Assembly and state government offices) punches a story out onto yellow teletype tape.

Note the encoder in front of spiked copy. The spiked papers were typed news copy that already had been transferred onto tape in preparation for sending the news to the regional bureau in Newark, or to the entire region via Pittsburgh.

Once the tape was punched (the position of holes corresponded to letters) it was taken from the large drum on the left, rolled up into a into a neat circle and paper clipped. The roll was hung onto one of many dowels above the teletype. The moment the wire was open we would thread the tapes back through the encoder and send the copy.

By today's standards it was probably being transmitted at 20 Baud.



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